by Nooreen

” The One Show “


Ad Campaigns?? Product illustration?  It took me some time to fix my mind on what i wanted to work on. I chose foot wear and awareness campaigns. I enjoyed doing the montage and also experimenting with different medias. I wanted it to look like a tableau vivant.

It started when i wore those shoes and people’s reaction would be ‘wow’ dat;s bright” so then i worked on those lines and came up with this ad campaign . Bata sells the Brand ” Marie Claire” -tres francais and targets any age group of women.


Ad Awareness: This is indeed very challenging as you start cruising on lots and lots of questions which are most of the times unanswered. So in this case i wanted the audience to get the message at a glance. Unicef is  a NGO, working on various fields and i chose child protection.

Ad campaign- child protection

Ad campaign

 ad campaign child violence

Foresee the future ? Just try to imagine a world without those animals? In which form to represent this concept?

Origami was challenging and conquered many hearts !

ad campaign wwf

ad campaign wwf 2

ad campaign wwf3

This was my first product illustration and i never imagined it would turn out like this. After 4 months of experimentation on various themes like perfume bottles ,idly packets of MTR, i contemplated on those amazing puma shoes which are only plain green, then i used some floral designs to customize my product. The concept of having butterflies on them, shoes that they are irresistible and attractive too:).

Product illustration

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