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“The Circus trip”


Hmm ok am kind of bad at this but let me try:

Hi, I am Nooreen?? no,no ,,doesnt sound me at all…ok..lets try again then.well well : i woke up late, all spaced out and thought ok.. TOday  was just a perfect day to sit and say :” i can do this” and yeayyy,,here’s my blog guys:)..well dont expect some” cutting edge” far fetched yet to get my degree..hahaha what an escapist i am..!!

Advertising in Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath-Bangalore, has i would say moulded another facet of myself which i discovered was pretty boring but yet am enjoying my final year. I landed in Bangalore in 2005 bearing in mind that am going to  live up each day with the passion to do things i strongly believe in and even if that mean to stay poor and getting corned a lot of times, end number of times complaining to who ever (unlucky fellows i feel bad today when i think about it) would be on my way. I still go through that but its decreased..hahaha..anyway it took me a year to get acquainted with the place with the support of all my loved ones(parents, friends and friends of friends ) who made this academic year pass by with memories that i will carry all my life.

I started in my first year with drawing, illustrations and learning the history of art which  included to leave aside bits of english and grabbing kannada and tamil words here and there just to fit in the scenario. Next was sculpture and started printmaking which was a field i wanted to specialise in but then as usual asking for advice from parents who would always think about( will you get a job when you come down home?? well i hope you know you have to be with us!! ) So i become “fidele” to Applied arts which was anyway my first option and still getting the same response from my parents.

The flair for creativity slowly took off and i learnt a lot from various works i attempted. Learning , shaping something ” which does not exist” for very less( moulla matters in this field,work hard earn less)..always thinking in those lines. Graphic design is a very challenging field as its always testing your conscience globally by incorporating strong visual which you will recall easily. The most exciting part of it is that everyone is a consumer of what you design. Being a harmless form of art which throws a range of ideas whether you agree, you understand or feel outraged with the kind of message being delivered as long as you, as a target audience you get the point,its fine:)

My job profile : Observant and see to what extent i can learn in this field- ( which means no retirement for me). I would like to learn more about printing ( offset and digital) and typography, serigraphy, digital art too …my portfolio ranges from softwares like photoshop, illustrator and corel draw. Unfortunately Arena **** was not such a great investment and i know the basic of Flash and where to get the best Chaat and chai ( i believe on cunnigham road ) .ya getting back..hmmm and did a course on web designing just on the surface level.

So this Blog, is for all of you( family, friends, all the ex -principals of CKP , people on whom i vented out -random people,my french students, some lecturers hahaha, and of course- my future:  people who want to hire me ) and ” amis ” like me who worked late at nights, missed out on all the fun times with friends out during weekend trips, had end number of issues explaining why could not come for birthdays because of some works- worked, edited the work, not good work, worked on it again as you strongly believe that your idea is and has something that people will remember.

A la fin, when it was all done, the next day would be a better one with so much more enthusiasm to do what you love doing and still having the same audience who would like what you do and say “what’s next”.. N  i’d say I like…

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