by Nooreen

“Attraction which is unbreakable”


After 6 years of unleash exposure to advertising under various form of creativity, i have to admit,shame has won over me!!..I decided to live in my country as an independent creative soul  but i am afraid of fending for myself; well it’s just that there aren’t enough “INdependents around” to form a massive,cohesive society. Mauritius was once admired for its versatility in terms of talent,language,culture but i reckoned now ; what a pattern seeker community we are!!..

My long bus journey took me to places where advertising rhymed with outrageous sexist ads. It lured many attentions but what worries me most is that we are living in a island where children are being raped everyday,women who are being beaten to death,where killing of innocent soul is slowly turning into a mundane thing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that my methods of advertising are more valuable than anyone else’s but what i object is that alcoholism is the source of many problems in life. The depiction of a a bottle opener on the breasts of a woman did hurt me but most importantly why? Was it because i am a woman and i feel disgraced? Well no..It is merely the fact that i saw so many well executed ads in a more intelligent manner and i feel a little more research would have helped. Desperation must have been the brief  especially not respecting the code of ethics AAA: Article 21 reads: “Advertising must take in consideration the evolution of the respective roles of women and men in society . . . It must represent women as equally capable, responsible and independent in the conduct of their activities. In addition, neither the picture of a caricature denigrating the role of any person in a couple, nor the representation of an excessive dependence of the character with respect to the products promoted must be displayed. Advertising must respect the dignity of women and men.”

So are we really that ignorant to let people advertise what they like and the public not rebelling for their rights.So many questions which seem to beg for a profound answer!!..

The answer would be Break the patterns. It is the unfamiliar that makes communication more arresting, absorbing and useful. When we urge our target audience to think about the routine in a refreshing way is when i feel there is an exchange happening: where you get the interest of both parties at heart.It is not an easy task but we must persevere, otherwise WTF?..

Hence i shall end this essay by a quote i read in a book : “LOSE your Phobia and bring a little karma to your projects”

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