by Nooreen

A new chapter, another venture!


London! Ah how cold you can be!

How miserable you can make people look

behind the layers of make up and clothes?

London! How impatiently I waited to see,

I feel its not a place for me.

“The roads and people look so pretty”,

Maybe to you,but not to me.

London! Artist belong to the street,

And it’s the only thing that matters to me.

The space they share, they make you happy.

Sing with me, look at me,

even if you don’t give me a penny,

I will still perform.

Performance. Joy. Freedom. Value. Art

Performance; you turn my dull mornings into ” a melodie du bonheur”

Joy; the surprises whether it is an art movement, art movie being screened at different spaces! All invited for free.

Freedom; Sing where you want, dance like nobody is watching you

Value; the moments which takes you by surprise

Art. London you are the “passerelle” for imagination.



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