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To what extent do we let Brands consume us?


Six years down the lane, I remember having an intense conversation about the role of government and their laid back bureaucracy; How I had the determination to see things in a positive direction, people wanting to learn, progress and I would chant “there is room for change; for the better of course!”

Am I an idealist?

No. Not after reading about the Fair Labor Association, Adbusters and us! Yes, you and me and the rest of the consumers who are experiencing shopping as a pure form of entertainment. I really wish I was on the other side of the scene; not advertising for brands who doesn’t give me transparency regarding their production line, raw materials, revenues and the list of priorities goes on because I tend to then contribute towards believing an information given to me. Its also a fact that whatever we are being told, isn’t always true!

At the head of the Fair Labor Association (FLA), Auret van Heerden takes a practical approach to workers’ rights, persuading corporations and NGOs to protect labor in global supply chains.

A must watch for,

Auret van Heerden

Labor-rights activist on tedtalk. MAKING GLOBAL LABOR FAIR

How do I know what I consume is being produced in an ethical manner, where workers are paid for their due and most importantly work in a good condition? How do I know if the medicine Auret has mentioned in his tedtalk speech hasn’t been distributed in many hospitals trading our life for money? Or rather decreasing our life span with the fat pig detriments? Who is in a better position to ensure consumers aren’t burying themselves with their own money? Is there a mediator organisation between the government and the producer who analyses all these factors above before approving whether the brand can be marketed without fooling the consumers?

” Policing the entire chain is impossible, so the FLA works instead to help all parties agree that protecting workers is the best way to do business, and agree on voluntary initiatives to get there. The FLA worked with Apple Computer, for example, to inspect its global factories and seek raises and better working conditions at the Foxconn plant in China.” Auret Van Heerden

Kalle Lash, founder of a non profit reading organisation, Adbuster ventures getting corporations a chart where they need to reassert their civil society’s control over the monetary value of goods. “That is the only way we can solve the problems in food,  transportation, broadcasting, environment in every area of our life- we have to learn to take back control on our choices”.

It is true we are the ones who create corporations. We are the ones who  allow brands to form part of every aspect of our lives.. We allow factors like advertising, online shopping, television ads to insert our social life and sell our freedom to choose from experience to very often fashion icon, the word of mouth tool and so many more factors.

I found some of these ads below hilarious: the comparison of how perfection and normal can still influence your buying decision. Ridiculous enough to picture an economic system has turn into a global capitalism.



Apple hasn’t only produced quality computers but turning its brand veteran into anti socialist ( well not to generalise) but living in UK now, I felt the urge for consumers to rush to the stores to get the latest iPhone 6 would comfort them to such an extent they would queue up for hours in front of the stores! Brand Culture shock! How have they got into their ADN? It is a concept of living altogether where you walk on the street, you drive, you cook, you work, you go out, the Apple brand is always on you! And the worst is they ask you to create an account with them where they can track you anytime! Aha! They control you!


Like many other brands, we are slowly getting into

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 13.03.35


These powerful logos of Mc Donald, BMW, Heineker and DHL, are so well composed as an impactful ad to wake us up. These are all Adbuster work who come up with interventions, pranks, culture jams to shake the consumer up.

The digital detox week challenges our over reliance on technology. Countries; Uk and Australia, are definitely game in for that. Spoof adverts poking fun at big brands like the ones above, and the most famous one is BUY NOTHING DAY.

I reckon the more we empower the brands, the less they will requestion their existence and contribution towards a better functioning of the society and not only creating the “envy” of possession more than what we really value worth investing!


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