by Nooreen



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Hmm ok am kind of bad at this but let me try:
Hi, I am Nooreen?? no,no ,,doesnt sound me at all…ok..lets try again then.well well : i woke up late, all spaced
out and thought ok.. TOday  was just a perfect day to sit and say :” i can do this” and yeayyy,,here’s my blog
guys:)..well dont expect some” cutting edge” far fetched yet to get my degree..hahaha what an escapist
i am..!!



Flash back : Born  1986 in Mauritius

Mid year crisis: Stepped out Bangalore University where i hold close memories of my 5 years diploma and degree program.

Present status: Working at Y&R Mauritius -alias Redhouse ( lakaze rouze)

The world of design is fascinating. Welcome to mine!



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