by Nooreen

Unwinding the past.


Every time when the semester announces its ending and exams nearing, the weather, the mood and the scenery would be translated as a play and we are all performers. Isn’t it?? Just think about it..There are so many random things happening around us and still feel like am not doing anything.

A drastic decision had to be taken to unwind the past ..the same old play into something more serious..When you feel that next year you would not be in this same space, sharing the same plate of dosa with friends and even the random coffee talks,, self- realisation + sadness+ reality= happens!!

This time of the year, unwinding the past is nearly impossible for me  but rather am giving myself a second chance, a new start to interpret matters differently.

These works are recently executed based on those lines above…


11th anniversary

illustration with poster colors 2

new year greetings

press ad final


Hoarding Design

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